There are moments when people seem willing to do anything to lose weight. Yet, they are still wolfing down greasy cheeseburgers and chugging sugary drinks. If you are feeling hopeless, willing to try extreme or bizarre weight loss methods, please take the time to read today’s article. Quick and easy solutions are often reckless and dangerous.

There are many weight loss methods that are ultimately hazardous to your health. The impact can cause lowering your metabolic rate, the loss of lean muscle, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Moreover, while some of these methods can provide short-term weight loss, you risk adding more pounds in the long run. Other unhealthy weight loss methods will have you taking dangerous drugs or supplements. The long-term effects of these substances can damage vital organs.

Here are some of the most extreme, bizarre, and unhealthy weight loss methods that you should avoid.


1. Extreme Fasting

For thousands of years, people have used fasting for a variety of reasons, from weight loss to spiritual awakening. That said, fasting is a method that you can easily overdo. Fasting can cause feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of fertility, and a long list of hormonal issues. Moreover, a healthy metabolism needs you to eat constantly. Think along the lines of a camp fire. Consistently adding the right amount of fuel will keep the fire burning. However, placing too little or too much wood on the fire can cause it to dwindle. The better method is smaller meals throughout the day.

2. Tapeworm Diets

Can you imagine being able to eat anything you want and still lose weight? There are people who will actually swallow pills containing a tapeworm cyst. The tapeworm will live in the person’s intestine, living on the food consumed by its host. Once the person reaches their goal weight, they can take an anti-parasite drug to kill the tapeworm. Initially, the process sounds pretty easy and convenient. That said, there are many negative health effects, such as vomiting, diarrhea, chronic headaches, and even epilepsy. Ultimately, using a tapeworm for weight loss is extremely unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

3. Excessive Endurance Training

If you are spending hours on the treadmill or stationary bike, you may be causing yourself more problems than you solve. The reason for this is because of your body’s ability to adapt and become more efficient. The more you focus on endurance training, the more efficient your body becomes at storing carbohydrates as fuel. This is part of your body’s natural survival mechanism and a response to your endurance training. The real solution here is taking a balanced approach to take a reasonable approach, limiting yourself to workout times, and using a combination of endurance, strength, flexibility, and stability training.

4. Purging

We have all heard the stories of people, most often young women, who resort to purging as a weight loss method. This is not only unhealthy, it is extremely dangerous. Those who practice purging will often develop out of control eating disorders that will require professional help to overcome. The consequences of such a weight loss method is hair loss, body weakness, heart problems, and kidney failure. In the most extreme instances, you can cause organ failure and your body can start shutting down on you. As a society, we need to stop focusing on weight and turn our attention to fitness.

5. Protein-Only Diets

While there are benefits of a high protein diet, turning to a protein-only diet is extreme and unhealthy. By going protein-only, you are not eating a sufficient amount of fiber, causing constipation. In severe cases, there is a risk of decreased liver function. Also, if the protein-only includes large volumes of red meat and dairy, you are creating a higher risk of heart disease. The better option is to cut out simple carbohydrates and sugar and focus on nutrient-dense foods like broccoli and kale.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the most extreme, bizarre, and unhealthy weight loss methods or a related topic, please contact us.

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