Do you want your child to get into shape or train for a sport? Youth Training program will do that plus much more!

Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or enhance athletic abilities, 3 Elements Lifestyle Youth Program will provide them with a unique fitness experience and help them release their inner athletic potential! It’s locked up in ALL kids.

No matter their shape, size, or what they’ve been told on the schoolyard or at home, our certified youth coaches will revolutionize how they think about movement, fitness and nutrition! And the kids get to have fun doing it!

At 3 Elements Lifestyle, we teach and train the four, basic functional fitness skills: Running, Jumping, Crawling and Climbing. Mastering these movements will provide them with the stability, strength and power needed for all of their favorite activities, and increase their skills, agility and strength to possibly be the top player of their sport.

What’s more exciting, your child will never work out alone again because in our gym, we’re committed to teamwork. We are a community of people who work hard and play hard to help you stay fit for life.

Purchase this package for unlimited classes:

 Unlimited classes for $75.  

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