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The secret to living a healthy lifestyle is creating good habits inside and outside the gym. It is only through consistency that you will be able to transform your body. However, adopting healthy habits is often easier said than done, especially outside of the gym. Friends, children, work, and time constraints can become obstacles.

A healthy lifestyle needs nutrition and exercise to work together. Moreover, it is essential to identify the best methods for getting past obstructions. Strong, daily habits are the most effective strategy. That said, you must first identify your fitness goals and know exactly where you want to go on your fitness journey. It is your vision that will guide you and provide motivation. You must consistently remind yourself and reinforce your goals. That is what will push you and keep you focused. Every day, take the time to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

Everyone knows that it is our habits that either help or hinder our success, no matter what the endeavor. Your bad habits can develop and evolve into a lifestyle that leads you away from being fit and lean. Conversely, good habits will aid you in building a life full of accomplishment, fulfillment, and fitness success.

If you examine a fitness enthusiast that you respect, a person who lives a healthy lifestyle, you will discover that they spend time every day doing the things that support and benefit their health and fitness goals. These are no perfect people. The only real difference with those who succeed is that they continually work towards making a positive impact, and that begins with their daily fitness habits.

Therefore, with this in mind, here are the five habits of highly effective fitness enthusiasts. These are fitness habits that you can use to design the healthy lifestyle you want to live:

1. Highly effective fitness enthusiasts do not overeat

It is just that simple. If you want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, do not overeat. No matter how they plan your meals out, fitness enthusiasts feel great after every meal. There are many ways to adopt this habit. That said, the easiest is probably using a nutrition app on your smartphone, which can help determine your caloric needs and track your meals.

2. Successful fitness enthusiasts acknowledge their weaknesses

If a fitness enthusiast has a part of their body that weakens, they will target it. You need to exploit weaknesses to improve. Therefore, don’t ignore them. Instead, attack them straight on. Work on improving your weak points while maintaining your other strengths.

3. Fitness enthusiasts will structure their workouts

Rather than doing an assortment of random exercises, a highly effective fitness enthusiast will make it a habit of outlining and structuring their workouts. Moreover, these workouts are designed based on their specific goals using the ideal exercises, number of reps, sets, and breaks. Your workout can actually contradict your goals.

4. Highly effective fitness enthusiasts don’t eat processed foods

The most successful fitness enthusiasts incorporate very strict eating habits. Adopt a diet centered on nutrient dense foods. These are natural and whole foods that are high in nutrition, but relatively low in calories. Just because you see the words “natural” or “healthy” on a box does not mean it is actually good for you.

5. Successful fitness enthusiasts will have quality rest and recovery

Not making a habit of rest and recovery can sabotage your goals. You need to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and add “off days” to your workout schedule. Your body needs this rest and recovery time. This affects everything from your body’s ability to process energy to rebuilding lean muscle.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the habits of highly effective fitness enthusiasts or a related topic, please contact us.


David Michael Gilbertson is the founder and president of 3 Elements Lifestyle, LLC., a Fitness and Weight Loss company that specializes in YOU!. With more than 15 years of experience owning, operating and managing clubs of all sizes, David lectures, delivers seminars and gives workshops on the practical skills required to successfully help you with your health and fitness goals. David also helps you build the teamwork, management, and training necessary to open your own fitness center. For more information on Licensing and Consulting Services Visit his Web site at: www.3elementslifestyle.com or email at daveg@3elementslifestyle.com or call 805.499.3030

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