You may have heard the word’s functional fitness being spread around in fitness magazines, or even by your fitness fanatic friends. Functional fitness is gaining popularity for a reason, what people don’t know is that functional fitness has actually been around for many years.
Functional fitness is not about who can lift the heaviest weights, or who can run a marathon. This type of fitness as the name explains is about keeping your body fit, healthy, and functioning to its full ability. It is about being able to perform everyday tasks and challenges without injuring yourself, or becoming fatigued.
What Does Functional Fitness Look Like?
Unlike weight training or training with machines, functional exercises teach different muscle groups to work with each other. They integrate different muscle groups so that your body learns to work together. They help prevent injury from tasks you perform regularly and help your bodies endurance whilst improving your everyday strength.
A good example of a functional exercise is squatting with a medicine ball, then flowing into an overhead lift. This move is using many muscle groups, including legs, glutes, shoulder, and your lower back. In real life, it can help with lifting and carrying, strengthening the muscles needed to lift your children, or lift and carry your groceries up a flight of stairs.
Is Functional Fitness Right for You
Functional fitness has many benefits and when performed correctly will quickly improve everyday activities whilst reducing your risk of injury.
Another great thing about functional fitness is that it can be useful to everybody. From young athletes that need to strengthen muscles they don’t use, to older adults who are looking to improve their quality of life. When functional fitness is applied safely and correctly it can be used by all age groups.
Like any exercise, it is always a good idea to check with your Dr. before you rush into a new exercise regime.
Here at 3 Elements Lifestyle we believe in using Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery together to help you improve your life. Contact us today to find out more about our functional fitness classes.

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