If you came across today’s article, you are likely an entrepreneur seeking information about starting a fitness business. One big question you may have is, “What does the fitness industry look like, and is there room for a fitness start-up to succeed?” Fundamentally, this is how all truly successful entrepreneurs start their journey: they find ways to provide to an underserved market. As with any investment, you don’t want to enter a market when it is at its peak and ready to burst. You want to invest when there is a real opportunity to grow. The fitness industry provides just that kind of opportunity.

Potential Fitness Industry Growth

The current world population is roughly 7.4 billion people. Of that, nearly 30 percent (or 2.2 billion) is either overweight or obese. Moreover, statistics show a dramatic increase in worldwide deaths associated with weight-related diseases. This data is shocking. However, the worldwide members of fitness clubs include only 162 million individuals.

The reality is, many people around the world are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles. For better or worse, many people now have jobs that do not require a lot of physical labor and provide a lot of extra leisure time, which is often spent in front of a screen. Nevertheless, this lack of activity is taking a toll on people’s health, both physically and mentally, and has created a worldwide obesity epidemic.

Despite all this bad news, the world is at the beginning stages of a physical activity resurgence. People are recognizing the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and this is why the fitness industry is on the verge of an explosion. So, entrepreneurs who can recognize these trends have an opportunity to feed the demand for a solution.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Will Fill a Gap

In recent years, it seems that many entrepreneurs are creating startups that are actually contributing to the worldwide obesity problem. They are developing technology that will make our lives easier, both at work and at home. While this tech does have a benefit and value, it has also created a situation where a large portion of the worldwide population performs very little physical activity and spends most of their day seated. However, trends are showing that people are on the brink of rebelling against the inactive lifestyle that has gripped the world. Consequently, savvy entrepreneurs are looking to solve this social need.

Starting a fitness business is the way you can help feed the growing demand for fitness activities. Done correctly, a health and fitness club will provide multiple income streams that will include memberships, personal training, nutritional and weight loss supplements, dieting aids, and other products and services. Successful entrepreneurs will maximize each of these revenue streams by simply providing for their client’s personal needs and goals.

At this point in history, the fitness industry is an unstoppable market. In fact, there are very few industries with this kind of growth potential. Fitness businesses will play a critical and vital role improving the overall health and well-being of the world. So, as an entrepreneur who recognizes the trend to become more active, you can create a successful business helping people becoming physically engaged. Similarly, as an entrepreneur seeking to build a successful business within the fitness industry, it is time to put down your smartphone, get off your seat, and start attacking your goals. After all, how can you build a business that promotes people getting active if you are content sitting at a desk?

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about why entrepreneurs need to jump into the exploding fitness industry or a related topic, please contact us.

David Michael Gilbertson is the founder and president of 3 Elements Lifestyle, LLC., a Fitness and Weight Loss company that specializes in YOU!. With more than 15 years of experience owning, operating and managing clubs of all sizes, David lectures, delivers seminars and gives workshops on the practical skills required to successfully help you with your health and fitness goals. David also helps you build the teamwork, management, and training necessary to open your own fitness center. For more information on Licensing and Consulting Services Visit his Web site at www.3elementslifestyle.com or email at daveg@3elementslifestyle.com or call 805.499.3030

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