The modern entrepreneur strives to elevate their new company from a business plan to a self-sustaining enterprise, gaining an incredible amount of experience and reward in the process. It is becoming increasingly popular to own your own business, gaining the prestige and acclaim from being a successful founder, along with all the freedom of the self-employed, and it takes an admirable combination of tenacity, adaptability, and skill to guide a startup successfully into a profitable small business. Franchising is by far the most preferred method to bootstrap your way into personal business ownership because it provides you with a business model that has already shown proven success, but you’ll need to be ready to balance your own books, hire the right staff, or manage a crisis. Are you pumped up and ready to take on this incredibly rewarding challenge? Here’s what it takes:

Get Ready To Really Commit

Being the owner of a business is one of the most energy-intensive lifestyles available to a modern human, comparable in stress to air traffic control and requiring a kind of on-demand thinking and perseverance of spirit typically reserved for professional athletes. It’s no surprise that people with high-stress backgrounds tend to thrive in the constantly exciting lifestyle of a Founder. If that sounds like fun to you, then be prepared to deal with an obstacle course of decision making and financial management while simultaneously maintaining world-class communication skills with employees, clients, and business partners. By putting yourself out there and being willing to sweat with the team, you will not only earn yourself success but garner a great deal of respect in the industry and among other entrepreneurs.

Know Your Business, Top to Bottom

The modern business world is lightning fast and hyper-social, so you’ll need to present competence and take charge in your area of expertise to stay competitive. Like any business, you’ll need a certain amount of IT and the ability to judge the quality of service in this department. You’ll also need to factor in taxes, licensing, legal coverage, and employment. Employees and customers alike will count on you to have your act and business model together so they can rock out at their tasks without worrying about all the complicated background business concerns. From paychecks to equipment inspection standards, being the founder of a fitness enterprise puts you in the position to be everyone’s hero when it comes to the company half of everything.

Have an Indomitable Spirit

Without a doubt, the most important trait for successfully running a profitable business is positivity. It’s obvious but needs to be said: If you can’t pull yourself up from a major setback with relative ease, smile, and get back into the game with a new approach then you may want to start as someone’s lead manager before founding your own business. You’ll need to stay upbeat under almost any circumstance for your employees’ sanity as much as your own. Nobody wants to come to work and see the boss slumping their shoulders, looking nervous, or predicting doom. Be ready to rally all the time, and your employees will respond to your confidence by providing their best work. It’s win-win and creates a positivity spiral that will attract customers and money to your business every day.

Organize for Longevity

Organizational skills take a close second place to positivity when successfully running a business. There’s no arguing that profitable businesses run like well-oiled machines. You should find yourself presenting coherent business plans to investors, providing consistency to employees, and creating reliable service for customers. All these things are easiest to do if you can maintain focus and know where your assets are at all times. Financial organization is the most accurate predictor of long-term success for most businesses, so be prepared to keep your books perfectly from day one. Being keenly organized and accurate at the ‘top’ of the business is an unmistakable benefit. If you’re not naturally organized, that’s okay! Portable technology can be an amazing solution, allowing even the most forgetful or habitually late person to effectively manage a large organization, provided they are able to understand and utilize the vast array of technologies available for the purpose.

If you are ready to throw yourself into the rigors of starting a new business, know that nothing can bring you down, and have excellent organizational skills you are ready to start your own business and launch it into a self-sustaining cycle of profits and growth. For ambitious entrepreneurs interested in the fitness industry, 3 Elements Lifestyle offers a streamlined franchise service in which you can easily use our excellent business model to spring-board launch your own successful company. Ready to get started on a fitness enterprise? Contact us today!

David Michael Gilbertson is the founder and president of 3 Elements Lifestyle, LLC., a Fitness and Weight Loss company that specializes in YOU!. With more than 15 years of experience owning, operating and managing clubs of all sizes, David lectures, delivers seminars and gives workshops on the practical skills required to successfully help you with your health and fitness goals. David also helps you build the teamwork, management, and training necessary to open your own fitness center. For more information on Licensing and Consulting Services Visit his Web site at: or email at or call 805.499.3030

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