Being active and fit has benefits beyond measure, but if you’re new to this lifestyle it can be very intimidating and difficult to get started and stay consistent. Here are three easy tips to get you on track for a healthy, active, and most importantly, enjoyable life.
Have Fun!
Don’t force yourself to crawl out of bed and onto the treadmill at 4AM if you despise every second of it. Try different things and find something you enjoy, be it weightlifting, playing a sport with some friends, attending Pilates or yoga classes, or hiking outside on a beautiful day. You’re much more likely to stick with something you like than with something you view as a chore.
Start small for compounding benefits
Make fitness fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. Are you really willing to completely overhaul your daily routine just to get a workout in? That just isn’t necessary. Find an activity you enjoy that fits into your daily life. It can be a 20 minute walk through your neighborhood where you can get your body moving and be in the moment. From there you can build up to doing other functional fitness exercises like push ups and pull ups.
Make Nutrition Your Friend
Maintain a healthy diet, but be flexible. Nutrition is obviously important for general health, but it’s also an underrated factor in being active. When you give your body the right nutrients, you just feel good. Your energy improves, and you largely avoid that lazy/lethargic mood that comes with poor nutrition. That being said, there’s no need to totally cut out the foods you love (let’s face it – who doesn’t love the occasional doughnut?). It’s all about moderation. Maintaining a healthy, sustainable diet is key to staying positive, energetic, and active.
By following these 3 foundational items, you can begin living an active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of this with better health and happiness.
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